About Us

My name is Charles Marks and I have been serving Jewelers since 2004. In that time a lot of things have changed and so have I. The biggest change is that I no longer have a sales team I call on the Jewelers myself. I cover Missouri and the surrounding areas and will have a presence at all JHJ events

     My name is Charles Marks and I operate Marks Jewelry Company. Currently both my wife Crystal and oldest son C.J. support me as I call on stores in the  Missouri and surrounding areas as well as a presence at all JHJ events. Our method of sales is typically to call a jeweler using the JBT directory and ask for permission to stop in and show goods. We are looking to deliver goods that are unique, beautiful, and have value.We have 3 main segments of focus in our line.
1. Vintage 
These goods are high end with the best quality gemstones cut to fit the piece that they are set in. Old world craftsmanship Hand engraving and styles that have never lost their appeal.
2. Second Hand Goods 
These goods are a growing niche, proven styles with attractive margins.
3. The final segment consists of closeouts and manufactured goods that have proven a solid turn for the jewelers.

  About Charles

  I started as an apprentice jeweler in 1992. Several years later operated a high volume trade shop which led to my first retail store in 1998 then later took on a second location. In 2004 I left the world of retail and went into the wholesale side of the industry as a managing partner of a closeout company. I learned a lot of lessons in the 10 years there. Jan of 2014 I left that relationship and started Marks Jewelry Company. Heavily engaged in the Jewelers Helping Jewelers community I look forward to meeting you at your store or a future JHJ event.